S.I.C Kiwami Tamashii Momotaros (Pre-contract Ver.)

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First of all I want to thank my friend Locust for giving me this wonderful gift when I went back here in the Philippines and met with other toy collectors.

S.I.C Kiwami Tamashii is the miniaturize version of the popular S.I.C ( Super Imaginative Chogokin). 




Typical side

Regarding the box, since this is a special Kiwami Tamashii release, the box is different from a standard KT Packaging.\

Out of the box:


1 Sword; 2 extra pair of hands; 1 extra face mask w/ eyes close.

Sword detailing


S.I.C Detailing:


The head doesn’t have that much movement……



Feet and legs:

Looks awkward but still a decent “Ore Sanjou” pose.

Face Swap:


Since this is a gift to me, I will not give any rating at all to this figure and also, I think I’m not in the position to rate a toy which I am not really familiar with. As far as I know, the superb amount of detail is what you really pay on this line. And also with the cheap price tag on this one, compared with the regular S.I.C it will be an easy purchase if you will start to collect this guys plus, the line is still young so you won’t be a able to have a hard time trying to catch up.

Please do visit my friend’s blog /review regarding S.I.C line. http://codenamelocust.wordpress.com/

Well….I’m a lucky bastard to be having one of this baby. lol!


S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider FOURZE (Base States)

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It’s been a while since my last toy review. I was busy on my wedding preparations here in the Philippines. I’m telling you nobody beats home! In my vacation here I manage to get this figure from one of he famous local hobby shop here GREATTOYSONLINE.COM where I usually get my stuffs here when I was still living in here.

S.H.Figuarts Fourze (Base States)

Regarding boxart, Figuarts have evolved in this department. Shown below is the comparison of the old figuart box from the newer released boxes from this line.

w/ old Figuarts box

w/ new released Figuarts Den-O climax

Side view


Old boxes normally comes out only in dull gray color. But, they upgraded their boxarts following the theme of the figure their releasing nowadays.

Out of the box

Kamen Rider Fourze (仮面ライダーフォーゼ, Kamen Raidā Fōze) is the main protagonist in the series of Kamen Rider Fourze. His name roughly says Forty, as well as a combination of “Four” and “Zero”, an indication of the Kamen Rider Series‘ 40th Anniversary and the forty different powers and weapons he can access with the Astro Switches.

– Source Wiki

Before anything else, I would like to apologize for the crappy pitures on this review.


Main Figure compared to the real one.

One of Figuarts selling point is how the head design turns out especially it’s beautiful compound eyes.

Right side


Left side

although I don’t like the belt design of this rider, being a representation for a toy they managed to do it great.

back (booster?) detail

Detail wise, the figure looks great.  As for Paint job, it’s not 100% neatly done but still Bandai did a good job. The only part that I did some retouches was on the right leg with the “X” design on it. The Blue paint was all over on the upper part that I needed to put white Gundam marker so that it will be much nicer to look. I’m not sure if this applies on other fourze  figures but I recommend you to do it.


This is how far I can stretch the figure. Still a good amount of stretch and besides, I think no one will pose their figures like this anyways. 😛

Happy that they brought back this kind of feet on Figuarts.

Elbow Articulation

Knee and feet articulation

Waist and torso


Extra neck joint (I think)

Look Mom!


Set of hands

Weapons set


Detailing: a bit sluggish on panel lining IMO…..\



I really do not recommend doing this quite often cause it might loosen up the peg on the arm and leg.

Astro switches plus extra drill switch.

Belt’s lever gimmick

Shown below are the other set of accessories which are sold separately.

* photos taken from HobbySearch (http://www.1999.co.jp)


Final thoughts:

Figure: The figure is awesome imo. I love the toy for sure. Not the best design for a rider but for me trying to complete the main Kamen Riders, this fig is a great addition in my growing rider collections. The only thing that bugged me when I got the fig was the paint detail on the right leg where I applied a white marker just to fix it and that was all. Never the less the toy is great.

Rate: 4.5 over 5

Articulation: Great range of motions. You can do great and different type of posing from this figure.

Rate: 5 over 5

Accessories: Although they only included extra 2 pairs of hand because of the inclusion of the rocket and drill attachment, it’s still a win. Now for the astro switches it was great that you can remove them from the belt but be sure that you will not loose them…or if you will loose one make sure it’s the drill not the other three. Which made me think that why they only included the drill switch only and did not add the rocket switch? Maybe the extra switches is included on the second set of accessories which is sold separately. The only thing that turns me off was the panel lining on the rocket and drill. Too messy, and I know they could have done much better.

Rate: 3.5 over 5

*Please do note that my rating is only base on my personal thoughts. It is still base on your own decision whether  your still gonna get this toy or not. But for someone like me who is trying to complete the main rider from this line, this figure is a must.

S.H. Figuarts, Ultra-ACT, Robot Damashii, etc….

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I guess we are going to the Sky in the next Figuarts Release!

ETA: February 2012

The promotional photo looks great but because of my experience with my first Ultra-act (Ultraman) I really don’t know what the figure will be on it’s release. But for Ultraman Hardcore fans out there, Dyna (Flash Type) will be the next figure to be awaited.

ETA:  February 2012

Your S.I.C  Kiwami Tamashii Kaixa(damn you masato) will now get his own ride with this S.I.C. Kiwami Tamashii Side Basshar.

*Photos from Hobbysearch

ETA: February 2012

RD Arbalest w/ Lambda Driver Effect Inc. Lucky for those who did not get the First release. Although I’m not sure if the accessories will be the same as the first one….

*Photos from Hobbysearh

ETA: February 2012

I’m telling you this is the most BAD ASS Gurren Lagann fig I have ever seen! In my opinion, the Ver.Ka doesn’t even have a stand on how BAD ASS this figure looks like (Sorry Bandai). This RIOBOT Gurren Lagann by Sen-ti-nel will be released next year April and the price? Freakin $100+ before shipping. I still have no idea what’s the material on this figure, but one of my friend said that it does not carry any metal on it so I’m not sure why does this one cost that much. I guess maybe because of the superb detailing? Still not sure.  Damn! I guess this will be added on my wish list…..So Gurren Lagann  Hardcore fans I’m sure with this figure, you can definitely pierce the heavens!

ETA: April 2012

You can have your reservation on you local hobbyshops or do go online. So, I suggest hurry and do some reservation already!

Still learning to do this………..

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As I have mentioned on my personal likes, PHOTOGRAPHY is one my favorite thing. Unfortunately I’m still a Newbie and still needs a lot of learning to do….about lightings, shadow effects, etc…I usually go outside to do my pictures or just take a normal shot of the figure. Well here my first “newbie” shots. 😛

Kamen Rider BLACK and BattleHopper

Kamen Rider 1 "The FIRST" and Cyclone

Kamen Rider 2 "The First"

Kamen Rider V3 "The Next"


Hope you enjoyed! 🙂

Revoltech # 066 GURREN AND LAGANN

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Gurren and Lagann

Revoltech No: 066 Gurren and Lagann

To Kick off on my very first post on my very first blog, I will start off with my latest haul which is a Gunmen and Gunmen Head also know as Gurren and Laggan the #066 entry of the Revoltech figure line.

Gurren and Lagann

I’ll try to use my own word and my full knowledge on the fig and where it came from so bare with me peeps lol. This Figure from Revoltech came from the Hit Anime “Tenggen Toppa Gurren Laggan” . Story starts with Simon the Digger is what they call him, I guess he is one of the character who digs for burrows that they can live in. While digging, he found a core drill which is also a key for a unique Gunmen “Lagann”. People in this story lives underground for they believe that there is no outside world and they are ruled by a village chief. But, enters Kamina a hot blooded young man who doesn’t believes living underground is not only the place to be. He will always find a way to try and go outside. In one scene, earthquake occurred and falling from above is Gunmen, then enters Yoko, which they met, and the rest is history for the 1st season.


6 extra hands, A boomerang shades (not sure if that’s the name) extra eyes with shades for Gurren, alternate face for Lagann and alternate drill hands and drill attachment for Lagann also, and a classic revoltech stand. Not Bad!


First, we’ll start on Lagann which is piloted by Simon in the anime. The figure…is really small, probably a quarter is bigger than the fig itself (approximately 1 cm from feet to head). Surprisingly, they gave you feet and arms articulations.

Lagann Vs. NailCutter

For size comparison……yeah I know got lazy and this was the closest thing I found..

Lagann with alternate drill hands and face

Although small, they still provides you with an alternate face and also alternate drill hands for the small guy. Lagann is provided with his own stand that you can attach from a hole on his back. You can also attach him to the regular Revoltech stand (as shown above) provided that you attach a special connector which is also included in the set. Nice touch there. 🙂 Note:Be careful when you first move the legs. It’s tight that you may break the tiny peg and ending up super gluing it like I did on one leg.

Alternate Head

Laggan can also be use as an alternate head to Gurren lagann (Revoltech#050) showing the figure without the headgear.


The second figure in the set is Gurren which is a Gunmen in the show. They Acquired him by beating up a Beastmen then Kamina managed to pilot it where they said that a Gunmen can only be use by a Beastmen. In this figure you will have the classic “Revoltech Joints”. They are located on the shoulders, elbows, hips, stomach joint, and feet.

How can you not love this face?

Gurren falls short on waist articulation having minimal left an right swivel but, because of the revoltech joint in the stomach area I think you can get through with that. Like tell me, this figure can do facial ehr..body expressions? same as in the anime! Plus points!


So Rocky also piloted Gurren. 🙂


Thanks to the joints, this famous Gurren and Lagann attack is possible.

Action pose

Some Action poses that you can do thanks to the revoltech joints (Except lagann). You can see here how wide the range is for the poses  you can do from this figure. 🙂


Verdict: The only thing about Revoltech is that you need to get used on how you will work on the joints to get the pose that you want, but if you can get the trick then it’s all good. Gurren Lagann Revoltech figures are the best line that represent the anime itself imho. I’m not being biased because I have the fig, but because of the dynamic poses that you can do with the toy. I also believe that the best way you can display this toy inside a cabinet is having it posed in a dynamic fashion way. Yes the paint apps isn’t the best in this line, but the articulation of this fig makes up to that. If you’re really a hardcore Gurren Lagann fan I recommend you to get them in this line and it’s more affordable than the Ver. Ka release.

Adben’s personal score: 8/10